Resort & Real Estate Development Marketing

Resort Marketing
Not only do we know how to market real estate, we live the resort life… Everyday. Being based out of Whistler, British Columbia not only gives us a hands on approach on resort marketing, it means that we truly, genuinely understand the beauty, feelings, emotions associated with playing in some of the most beautiful parts of the world. We ski, surf, golf, mountain bike… We have families and more gear then can fit in a garage.


What we offer…
Expert knowledge in advertising resort properties to a highly targeted clientele of potential buyers. With Facebook/Instagram Ads, you can create targeted ads to reach different audiences and meet your business goals. View our Social Media Solutions for Real Estate & Resort Development here.


Why use Facebook & Instagram advertising as a part of your marketing mix?
More than 1.4 billion people use Facebook and 500 million people use Instagram to connect with what matters to them.  Hundreds of millions  of people use their accounts daily. When we run a Ads, we choose the audiences that see it by location, age, interests and more. Facebook delivers the ads to them. This makes your ads more relevant for the people who see them and brings you real, trackable results. We use conversion pixels for re-marketing and lead generation.

Also, mobile devices are now a part of our lives—people use phones and tablets to discover, communicate and shop more than ever. More than 700 million people visit Facebook every day on their phones and tablets—and when they do, they see Facebook Ads along with stories from family and friends. Because Facebook Ads are placed in the stream of information people view on Facebook, they’re more likely to see your ads and take action.


You already have someone doing your social media, why should you hire us?
First of all, not all social media accounts are created equal. There is a lot that goes on behind the scene and it is important to make sure that all of your social media accounts are set up properly. It is a reflection of your brand and of your professionalism. This being said, we LOVE that you have someone on site doing your day to day content, you need this to be genuine!

What WE do is totally different.We have 25 years of marketing and real estate experience under our belt. We are a marketing agency and we specialize in Facebook Advertising. We have been trained by Facebook and have done thousands of ads campaigns. This is why we get the best results at the lowest cost. AND we use analytics and reports to prove it.

It would be like asking your assistant to come up with marketing content, graphic design and report skills to run your international print marketing campaigns. Some could do it but chances are they don’t have the time or the expertise to do so. You would work with a team that specializes in that. This is us, for Facebook ads.

ALSO Facebook changes their settings daily. We know because we run campaigns everyday and we teach Facebook Business courses. This means that even if you do get trained (by us, say!) chances are that the day you decide to run a campaign things will have moved and changed and it ill take you or your staff hours to manoeuvre around the new settings and guidelines.



What Facebook has to say about us:
“The ladies at Keep it Simple Social Media & Neve Marketing are Facebook advertising gurus! Consistently low costs, high engagement, and relevance scores that rarely drop below 9, and all of this in the real-estate vertical? Unheard of! Consistent results with a proven approach, if you plan to be successful in advertising real-estate on Facebook, Catherine and Heather are two names you need to know!”  ~ Jason Hetherington, Marketing Expert with Facebook, Facebook/Business


What is the end goal?
Establish a very strong social media presence in order to build community engagement and increase sales through slow drip Facebook marketing campaigns
Drive traffic to your website, with monthly metrics that substantiate the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.
Showcase company products
Boost brand awareness
Highlight news and awards
Grow business by using organic videos
Website optimization

… a powerful social media presence builds comradery within your team and gives you a cutting edge against your competition.