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We – Heather Clifford from Keep it Simple Social Media &
Catherine Aird from Névé Marketing  united forces in 2015.

Our Goal is to Stir Up the Real Estate Market Industry with Social Media Advertising
Offer Simple, Efficient, Social Media Solutions for Businesses.

A bit of a background

After years of working in marketing with real estate agents and local businesses, we noticed that most lacked a presence on social media, especially on Facebook.
Either they had somewhat dead accounts or very low engagement on their Facebook business page. We started experimenting with doing customized posts and backing them up with targeted Facebook & Instagram ads. The results were amazing.

Some posts got up to 1,800 likes, over 250 shares and hundreds of direct clicks to the clients’ website while spending as low as a dollar a day on Facebook advertising. Unlike print advertising, we could market the listings precisely to the potential buyers and the realtors could show their clients their marketing efforts with real numbers to back it up. The same results applied to other types of businesses. We decided to market the concept and take a minimal amount of client to go over quality instead of quantity. The results are mind blowing.


What Facebook has to say about us

FACEBOOK ADVERTISING “The ladies at Keep it Simple Social Media & Neve Marketing are Facebook advertising gurus! Consistently low costs, high engagement, and relevance scores that rarely drop below 9, and all of this in the real-estate vertical? Unheard of! Consistent results with a proven approach, if you plan to be successful in advertising real-estate on Facebook, Catherine and Heather are two names you need to know!”
~ Jason Hetherington, Marketing Expert with Facebook, Facebook/Business


Contact us to have a look at some screenshots from recent activity on some Facebook pages we manage. Let us walk you through how to read success on Facebook, both for a company’s EGO and for RESULTS which is the most important. Remember, success is not about how the competition views your social media efforts, it is about tangible results you can share with your team and your clients.

Some of the services we offer…

Social Media Marketing Catherine Aird and Heather Clifford

Social Media Marketing Catherine Aird and Heather Clifford

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